Virginie Yassef

Digressions series

Using the double interview format for this fourth title in the Digressions series, Virginie Yassef talks with Mathieu Copeland, Philippe Quesne and Julie Pellegrin about reworking The Veldt for the stage.

Since the 1990s Virginie Yassef has been exploring different media – video, painting, photography, sculpture – in a constant oscillation between physical and mental constructs, between science fiction and a game without rules that helps define a potential space for experiment, somewhere between the surface of reality and fantastical projection. In 2018 she adapted Ray Bradbury's short story The Veldt as a play and presented its first version at La Ferme du Buisson.


For this addition to the Digressions series Virginie Yassef decided to discuss the process of adapting The Veldt with Mathieu Copeland and Philippe Quesne. This double interview shows an artist, a curator and a director debating dramatisation, the transition from exhibition to stage, the handling of sound, scenography, timing and music, and the search for a new methodology of work.



Initiated by La Ferme du Buisson in association with Captures Éditions, Digressions parallels the Art Centre programme. Through the fresh light of group discussion the series clarifies the thinking, criteria, methods and, sometimes, serendipity that fuel a creative working process.



Mathieu Copeland is an independent curator and publisher. He cultivates a curatorial practice that subverts the traditional role of exhibitions and is best known for the works, The Exhibition of a Film, Voids. A Retrospective, Soundtrack for an Exhibition, and A Choreographed Exhibition


Trained in the plastic arts, Philippe Quesne is the director of the Nanterre-Amandiers Theatre and also a theatre director in his own right. He has created many shows with his company Vivarium Studio, including The Melancholy of Dragons, The Serge Effect, Welcome to Caveland! and Caspar Western Friedrich.


Julie Pellegrin is the director of the Ferme du Buisson Centre for Contemporary Art and is artistic director of the Performance Day Festival.


Publication details

authors Mathieu Copeland /Julie Pellegrin / Philippe Quesne / Virginie Yassef
series Digressions
publisher Captures éditions / Ferme du Buisson
general editor Valérie Cudel in association with Julie Pellegrin
editorial coordination Céline Bertin
copyeditor Sophie Streefkerk  
english translation Kate McCrickard
publication date 2018
languages French / English
format 21,5 x 13,5 cm + postcard
pages 38
price 6 €
isbn 978-2-9558778-5-2
printing Imprimerie Simon, Ornans (France)
distribution Les presses du réel