Onze Heures Onze Orchestra

Art Center

Fri 3 June 2017 pm - Abreuvoir


A day of musical experimentation by the "Eleven Past Eleven Orchestra": immersive, interactive reinterpretations of musical landmarks from 1977.

The Onze Heures Onze (Eleven Past Eleven) collective focuses its creative energies on musical experimentation and improvisation, with jazz, rock and contemporary inflections and a boundless eclecticism rooted in crossover between music generally and the other art forms.


For Performance Day the collective is offering a performance built around the major musical experiments of 1977, including the work of Gérard Grisey, Steve Reich, Ianis Xenakis, Morton Feldman and others. Circular staging – a multi-channel broadcasting system inspired by contemporary composers using the acousmonium, but with resort to computer processing – invites audience immersion and interaction. The eight musicians reinterpret original pieces while integrating them into a work broken up in space and time (over several hours) whose open-ended compositional approach and freedom of instrumentation are at the heart of the performance concept. 




musicians Alexandre Herer / Julien Pontvianne / Olivier Laisney / Richard Comte / Jean Brice Godet / Jozef Dumoulin

sound ingeneer Pierre Favrez


coproduction La Ferme du Buisson / Onze Heures Onze

with the support of DRAC Île-de-France / Conseil Départemental de Seine et Marne / Région Ile-de-France

infos pratiques

continuously from 3 pm to 11:30 pm
free admission


musical performance at 5 pm and 9 pm
duration 40 min


festival pass for Performance Day

full rate 10 €

concessions 8 €