Fri 2 June 2018 at 7 pm - Hall


The OKAY CONFIANCE team instigates an organic collective situation with a mix of artistic and everyday practices, performances, cuisine and DJ sets.

Taking her exhibition as a starting point, Céline Ahond has invited OKAY CONFIANCE to take over the Art Centre and its environs with a "festival within the festival".


Following a five-day pre-festival residency at La Ferme du Buisson, the OKAY CONFIANCE team will be proposing a get-together that involves trusting and being trusted, different art forms and activation of various ephemeral sharing situations: solo and duo performances, videos, an experimental DJ set and some really astonishing exchanges. A wagon links the different spaces to the music of "DJ YouTube", while also offering cocktails, "bootleg haircuts", a souvenir shop, distribution of horoscopes – and more!


All backed up by a "performance-producing kitchen" that means you don’t have to starve while you debate social, cultural and political issues. Lots of surprises in store – you can trust them for that!

with Céline Ahond, Élise Carron, Arthur Chambry, Anne Lise Le Gac, Nyamnyam (Iñaki Alvarez and Ariadna Rodriguez)​, Élie Ortis, Loto Retina and Léa Tissot



Formed in 2015. The team lives and works between Paris, Strasbourg and Marseille. OKAY CONFIANCE emerged, on 11 April 2015, out of an encounter in a Marseille studio between three young artists from different spheres – performance, installation, sculpture, screenprinting, sound – who had in common an approach based on direct fulfilment of «desires and needs». Before each event the team members get together at the venue to decide on a plan of action and work out a «tweakability economy» – their name for a way of functioning based on the use of found or manufactured materials.

A self-designated «energy production and distribution enterprise», OKAY CONFIANCE – whose name translates roughly as «TRUST RULES OK» – invites the public to get together for an evening of mixing practices and running various artistic and everyday activities via the parameters of performance: a combination of ambience, creativity, encounters and cuisine that makes every OKAY CONFIANCE event «something completely different».



infos pratiques

event, 5 hours


Festival Pass

Full price: 10€
Reduced price: 8€



book in advance on 01 64 62 77 77

1:15pm Paris-Opéra Bastille > Ferme du Buisson

12:30am Ferme du Buisson > Paris-Opéra Bastille

(with a surprise contribution from OKAY CONFIANCE)