Ben Evans and Luís Miguel Félix

Art Center

from 26 may to 3 June 2017 - Hall

The Invisible Museum


What is a work of art? How is it communicated? Who does it belong to? These are the issues tackled by this duo in their guided tours of an invisible museum.

The Invisible Museum will take place at the Art Centre for one week as part of the current exhibition "SoixanteDixSept (SeventySeven) - When Rossellini filmed the Centre Pompidou". A museum within a museum. One appropriates the other. Except that there is nothing to see in The Invisible Museum, where the collection is made up of descriptions – of objects, experiments, situations – donated by visitors of the Art Centre. The exhibition takes shape by way of tours led by guides who describe the works from memory; thus the collection evolves, changes its appearance and even disappears, depending on the recollections of each guide and the artists.


In this intervention Ben Evans and Luís Miguel Félix interrogate the transmission of artworks and the fundamental definition of the museum. How does the museum become a concrete entity? Where and how does its collection become material? What kind of economy does it propose? 


production La Ferme du Buisson / ekscena (Croatia)

with the support of the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Portugal) / MSU (Croatia)

infos pratiques

26, 27, 28 et 31 May, 1st et 2nd June from 2 pm to 7:30 pm

and 3 June continuously from 2 pm to 11:30 pm

free admission