Catalina Insignares & Carolina Mendonça

Art Center

Fri 25 may 2019 at 8:30 pm - Caravansérail

useless land

Group siesta-reading 

useless land is a large island whose soft surface invites the visitor to stretch out in a space where sleep is a means of understanding the world. Here artists with a background in dance provide a near-hypnotic reading of texts that map possible alternative relationships between humans and the environment, animals, ghosts and plants.   

Catalina Insignares and Carolina Mendonça invite their audience to lie down and listen to them as they read aloud: a collective digestion session using their mouths and our ears. They take us into empty territory, a vast island softly overlaid with mattresses and cushions, where sleeping is a way of understanding the world. Their voices pour interwoven stories into our ears. The need to trust the community of people we're sleeping among opens up an intermediate state of togetherness in divergence, in different languages and different dreams, between wakefulness and sleep.


Shuffling the limits between imagination, divination and empirical knowledge, the artists have asked the Remote Viewing club Sursignal to send them detailed descriptions of the place where they – the artists – will be reading. Remote Viewing is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using extrasensory perception, or "feeling" with the mind. The Sursignal members will "see" the useless land site and their descriptions will serve as a guiding thread throughout the siesta. Interconnecting and merging with other descriptions, stories and locations, the initial descriptions will generate new relationships not only with the actual place, but also with its history, since the Sursignal members have been asked to describe the site at different points in time.


Associate members of Sursignal: Rodrigo Andreolli, Simon Asencio, Myriam Lefkowitz, René Alejandro Huari Matteus, Simon Ripoll-Hurier, Nicola Van Straaten, Sumugan Sivanesan



Production Ferme du Buisson

Catalina Insignares

Colombian choreographer and dancer Catalina Insignares lives in Paris. In works challenging art's production systems and their relation to society, she seeks the point where dance sheds its historical-ideological trappings and generates intelligible subjective and collective responses. Her work includes numerous collaborations (Else Tunemyr, Miriam Schulte, Caroline Creutzburg, Zuzana Zabkova) and us as a useless duet, an ongoing practice for a single spectator (Tallinn, PAF, Giessen, Bogotá). With Carolina Mendonça she created useless land, a work addressed to sleeping bodies as part of the exhibition The dead are living: How to ruin an exhibition in Berlin (2018), and reactivated for Elsewhere&Otherwise (PAF, St. Erme), Precarious Pavilions (Brussels) and MärzMusik (Berlin). Since 2017 she has been working with Myriam Lefkowitz, both as a performer and on a research in action project aimed at infiltrating sensory practices into the social welfare field. In 2018 she began researching the use of dance's sensory and fictional tools as means of communicating with the invisible world (Bouillon), and in particular with the dead (ese muerto no lo cargo yo - Residencia Lugar a dudas, 2019).


Carolina Mendonça

Carolina Mendonça is interested in contamination of knowledge and in being vulnerable to different logics. Graduated in Performing Arts at ECA-USP and with Master’s in Choreography and Performance at Giessen University in Germany. Her latest projects are Pulp-History as a Warm Wet Place (2018) in Mousonturm that deals with an intuitive archeology digesting the leftovers of the XVII-XVIII centuries; We, the Undamaged others (2017) a work that puts in question happiness as an horizon that organizes our lives, premiered in 2017 at Oswald de Andrade in São Paulo and showed in MIT-2018; Falling (2016) explores sleeping as a possible dance practice presented at Mousonturm. Carolina was also one of the curator for the Performing Arts Festival VERBO (2017) at Galeria Vermelho and Temporada de Dança (2017) at Videobrasil both in São Paulo. She develops a practical theoretical research that she shares in the workshop Impossible Practices dealing with telepathy, levitation, deep listening among other practices. Carolina Mendonça build’s her work always in collaboration with other artists such as Catalina Insignares, Marcelo Evelin, Volmir Cordeiro, Dudu Quintanilha and Carolina Bianchi among others.


infos pratiques

4 hours


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