Benjamin Seror & The Masks

Fri 2 June 2018 at 7:30 pm - Abreuvoir

Lucy and the Evidence

In a mix of cabaret and TV show, Benjamin Seror and his new group The Masks plunge us into 1930s Los Angeles and a mysterious crime investigation

In a mix of cabaret and TV show, Benjamin Seror and his new group The Masks take us to 1930s Los Angeles, the scene of several mysterious unsolved murders. Using narrative and song, Seror calls on Ludwig Wittgenstein in the role of detective. In this investigation we see the philosopher using his everyday research to fight crime.


This performance also tells the story of Lucie, a young writer living since 2010 in a city closely resembling Brussels. Lucie begins to notice the odd behaviour of some of the people sharing her office, and in particular of a certain young man called Ludovic, who seems to have no home and remains permanently glued to his computer – a computer that turns out to contain nothing but photos of Ludovic taken with his webcam.


This strange situation leads Lucie to delve into Wittgenstein, feeling that the tools used by this master of logic might help her resolve the conundrum. The upshot is a new adventure that finds Lucie shutting down the Internet and putting the survival of the entire human race in danger.

Lucie et les évidences [Lucie and the Evidence], 2017-18

performance, 1h20 mins


with The Masks : Alberto Garcia Del Castillo, Géraldine Longueville et Matthieu Schmittel


coproduction : Playground Festival Leuven (STUK & M-Museum) / Ferme du Buisson


This project was chosen to receive the backing of the Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques (FNAGP)

Benjamin Seror & the Masks

Born in 1979 in Lyon. Lives and works in Brussels.

Conjuring up the poet, the singer and the storyteller, artist Benjamin Seror enjoys featuring himself in performances that combine theory and narrative. Here he draws on his ideas about the transmission of history by exploring the possibility of staging memory in both real and fictive terms.

His evocative titles offer clues to the interpretation of a complex body of work that ties exogenous forms of knowledge together, has fun with more or less logical digressions and can never say no to music. Seror stages language and its potential for revealing memories of things we have maybe never experienced.

After a number of projects exploring the way fiction can affect reality, he now does an about-turn and draws from his reading of Wittgenstein the idea that logic can open up breaches in perception. At the same time he has launched a new collective venture in the form of The Masks, a group that now plays his songs and accompanies his narratives.

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