Ricardo Jacinto

Art Center

Fri 3 June 2017 pm - Halle

Medusa (La Halle)

concert-sound installation

This protean artist (mis)uses a mix of architecture, sculpture and music in an imposing, site-specific concert-installation resonant with the sound of his cello. 

Visual artist, musician and architect, Ricardo Jacinto – one of the most singular figures on the Portuguese art scene – has made the sound-space dyad the focus of his investigations. Stage devices in their own right, his installations explore our perceptual mechanisms by blurring the connections between what we see and what we hear. He also works on "concert-installations" that set up a loop involving the musician, the instrument, the setting and the audience. Each touch of his cello is amplified throughout the room, giving the impression that he is "playing the building" the way one plays an instrument. Using the Medusa electro-acoustic system he effects a sound transfiguration linking the bodies of the cello, the building and the audience.

Jacinto has made this process the basis of a new work for La Ferme du Buisson. Incorporating the venue's characteristics – its geometric, acoustic and dramatic potential – he has come up with a performance and an installation that probes the concepts of territory, public and private space, and distance. 



production La Ferme du Buisson

infos pratiques

duration 45 min


festival pass for Performance Day

full rate 10 €

concessions 8 €