Hazel Meyer

Art Center

Fri 25 may 2019 at 4 pm - Centre d'art

Muscle Panic

With the participation of Abel Báguena, Ava Hervier, Élisa Monteil, Sophie Ren and Danielle Tang



Borrowing from the codes of athletics, Muscle Panic sets about rehabilitating queer physical, aesthetic and political stances often deleted from the history of sport. In a blend of choreography and improvisation five non-professionals "act out" a score in which endurance, transgression and laughter add up to means of cultivating togetherness and existing in the world.

Hazel Meyer’s Muscle Panic is an iterative world-making installation and performance project that uses various athletics tropes to enliven and re-centre the importance of desire, queerness, movement and sweat. Muscle Panic engages non-professional LGBTQ+ performers within a scaffold installation containing objects that function across the spectrum of prop, tool, costume, equipment, and sculpture. Located between choreography and improvisation, Muscle Panic celebrates the idiosyncratic physicality of each performer, valuing spirit over virtuosity.


Named after the sociological term ‘moral panic’ that describes an often irrational fear or threat to the dominant order, Muscle Panic creates a time and place beholden to a sweaty self-governance. It values and celebrates forms of gendered embodiment that threaten norms, and provides tools and physical prompts to highlight the situations in which we make and flex this power. Muscle Panic asks how we can use the tools in already existing structures to make a world that can hold us in ways it hasn’t before.



Coproduction Ferme du Buisson / Blackwood Gallery - Toronto

With the backing of Centre Culturel Canadien and the Canadian Council for the Arts

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45 min


day pass 10€ / concessions 8€

single event 5€

admission to the exhibition is free



book in advance: +33 (0)1 64 62 77 77

1 pm: Paris-Opéra Bastille > Ferme du Buisson

1 am: Ferme du Buisson > Paris Nation + Châtelet


advance booking essential: +33 (0)1 64 62 77 77 or online

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Hazel Meyer

Hazel Meyer is an interdisciplinary artist who works with installation, performance, and text to investigate the relationships between sport, sexuality, feminism, and material culture. Her work aims to recover the queer aesthetics, politics, and bodies often effaced within histories of sports and recreation. Drawing on archival research, she designs immersive installations that bring various troublemakers—lesbians-feminists, gender outlaws, leather-dykes—into the performative spaces of athletics. She often works collaboratively with her partner, media historian Cait McKinney. Together they explore their shared attachments to queer histories and accessibility politics through research, writing, video and archival interventions.