Myriam Lefkovitz

from 18 Sept to 30 Dec 2017 - Hall

Residency at the Art Centre / in collaboration with dancers Jean-Philippe Derail, Catalina Insignares, Ghyslaine Gau, Thierry Grapotte, Julie Laporte, Florian Richaud and Yasmine Youcef


Artist/choreographer Myriam Lefkowitz is in residence at the Ferme du Buisson. In a "laboratory" context she is using various dance-related somatic and energy-based practices to explore the connections between perceptual and imaginative activity.

Lefkowitz's research focuses on the questions of attention, sensation and perception, using different immersive methods that generate encounters between artist/choreographers and spectators. In doing so she creates the prerequisites for an augmented perceptual experience via sight, touch, walking and threshold states between sleep and wakefulness.


As in a laboratory for collective experimentation, a series of encounters with the public is proposed with a view to giving practical expression to the explorations carried out during her residency. So be ready to get to know her: her presence at the Ferme du Buisson is your chance to put your perceptions to the test.




Myriam Lefkowitz will develop this research further within her commission for "If I Can’t Dance’s VII (2017–2018), Social Movement". Et sait-on jamais dans une obscurité pareille ? by Myriam Lefkowitz and her residency at La Ferme du Buisson are commissioned and produced in partnership with If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, as part of Corpus, network for performance practice. Corpus is Bulegoa z/b (Bilbao), CAC (Vilnius), KW (Berlin), If I Can’t Dance (Amsterdam), Playground (STUK & M, Leuven), and Tate Modern (London). Corpus is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.




with the backing of DRAC Ile-de-France - Ministère de la culture et de la communication and Conseil régional d'Ile-de-France


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Every year an artist from the La Galerie Centre for Contemporary Art takes up residence at the Ferme du Buisson with a view to research on the cusp between the visual and the performing arts. He or she combines a workshop at the art centre with work in our theatre studios and the local area, thereby fuelling his or her interaction with a specific context simultaneously home to teams, artists of all kinds, audiences and the community.