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from 11 March to 16 July 2017

When Rossellini filmed the Centre Pompidou

An exhibition for the Centre Pompidou's 40th anniversary

Roberto Rossellini, Jacques Grandclaude, Marie Auvity, Brion Gysin, Gordon Matta Clark and Melvin Moti

   "SoixanteDixSept" (SeventySeven) is three exhibitions in three key contemporary art venues in Seine-et-Marne (France's département no. 77). La Ferme du Buisson, the Centre photographique d'Ile-de-France and the frac île-de-france / Parc culturel de Rentilly are conjuring up the emblematic date (1977) of the opening of the Centre Pompidou, and reviving the spirit of an era on a broad front. 



In 1977 Roberto Rossellini devoted his last film to the opening of the Centre Pompidou. In limbo for 40 years, the film is now being unveiled at La Ferme du Buisson. In it Rossellini approaches the museum in a way no one else ever has, catching spectators' stunned amazement on the spot. In photos and videos we discover the extraordinary adventure of the shooting, while contemporary artists offer their personal visions of the museum and its history.


In 1977, the Centre Pompidou opened, offering the public its first taste of Contemporary art. Roberto Rossellini devoted his last film to this historic moment. In doing so he testified to the advent of a new artistic, architectural and cultural modernity. With a camera constantly on the move and an amazing system of hidden microphones, he filmed the museum in a way nobody else ever has. He died in Rome on June 3rd 1977, a month after finalising the film.

Unknown to the public at large, this remarkable work has been made the beating heart of the exhibition. It is accompanied by hitherto unshown archival material from Genesium Foundation and producer and comrade in arms Jacques Grandclaude: a step by step video montage of the director at work, extract from 11 hours, 2500 photographs of the shoot, and hours of sync rushes recorded with Rossellini’s hidden microphones.


This immersive experience of the Centre Pompidou’s first days is revisited here in a film specially made for the exhibition, in which Marie Auvity gets the original crew to talk about the making of the Rossellini film and its relationship with the Pompidou’s creative spirit. Out of this remarkable collection of material arises the issue of how we see the museum and what it produces: its mix of democratisation and mass culture, and the invention of a new kind of visitor, a new form of museography and a new relationship with society. What kind of memory lives on in museums, and what projections, critiques and reshapings is it subject to?

In response to Rossellini’s objective approach, works from the Centre Pompidou provide resolutely subjective artistic visions. When the Italian was filming, Brion Gysin was investing his photographs of the facade with his hallucinations; and Gordon Matta Clark had already used the building site for Conical Intersect, his most famous social and architectural work. When the Italian was filming, Melvin Moti was being born, and thirty years later he came up with No Show, a recreation of a guided tour of a museum containing no artworks. A "performance" made, he said, for the future: "a future we’re not even ready for yet." Just as, at the time, we weren’t ready for those baffling objects, the Centre Pompidou and Rossellini’s film.



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An exhibition for the Centre Pompidou's 40th anniversary, in partnership with the Centre photographique d'Ile-de-France and the frac île-de-france - le château / Parc culturel de Rentilly - Michel Chartier, in association with the Fondation Genesium and Studio l'Équipe




Saturday 11 March 2017


11:15 am: shuttle leaves Paris, Place du Châtelet 

12 pm: frac île-de-france / Parc Culturel de Rentilly - Introductory talk and tour of the exhibition, followed by a buffet lunch

2:30 pm: Centre photographique d'Ile-de-France - Tour of the exhibition, with the associated artists and curators

4:30 pm: La Ferme du Buisson - Tour of the exhibition and snack

6:00 pm: large-screen showing of Roberto Rossellini's Le Centre Georges Pompidou in the presence of its producer

7:30 pm: shuttle returns to Paris


Saturday 13 May 2017

TaxiTram Tour

Trip to the three venues: from the Centre Photographique d'Ile-de-France to frac île-de-france, le château / Parc culturel de Rentilly - Michel Chartier, via La Ferme du Buisson

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Saturday 3 June 2017

Performance Day : Le musée performé

This second edition sees the performance festival broadening its scope. As part of the Centre Pompidou 40th anniversary celebrations, it is spreading out through the Ferme du Buisson and into partner venues. The core idea is "the museum performed", with artists invited to come up with performances, talks, guided tours, concerts and experiments with artworks involving histories of museums and collections.


Saturday 25 June 2017

Guided tours with the curators

Guided tours of the three exhibitions with curators Xavier Franceschi (Château de Rentilly), Julie Pellegrin (La Ferme du Buisson) and Nathalie Giraudeau (Centre photographique d'Ile-de-France). 


Autumn 2017

Robert Breer Retrospective

For the first time in France La Ferme du Buisson is presenting the complete film oeuvre of Robert Breer, drawing on the remarkable collection built up over the years by the Centre Pompidou.

Centre Pompidou's 40th anniversary

In 2017, the Centre Pompidou is celebrating its 40th anniversary throughout France. To share the celebration with a wider audience, it will be presenting a completely new programme of exhibitions, outstanding loans and various events throughout the year.


SeventySeven - The project

To keep visitors on their toes and ideas on the move, the three art centres will be displaying works created or acquired in 1977, works by artists born in 1977, and works focusing on the museum and its history. The project takes a look at a specific vision of art and society, a crucial utopic impulse that still fuels contemporary creativity. This reassessment forty years down the track brings an understanding of the museum’s active role in history as a force for conservation but also for shaping a future.


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Opening Saturday 11 March 2017

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11:15 am: shuttle leaves Paris, Place du Châtelet 

12 pm: frac île-de-france - le château / Parc Culturel de Rentilly - Michel Chartier, Bussy-Saint-Martin (departement 77)

2:30 pm: Centre photographique d'Ile-de-France, Pontault-Combault (departement 77)

4:30 pm: La Ferme du Buisson, Noisiel (departement 77)

6:00 pm: large-screen showing of Roberto Rossellini's Le Centre Georges Pompidou in the presence of its producer

7:30 pm: shuttle returns to Paris


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